Armadillos are migrating up from Texas and Mexico, rooting their way into everyones yard, taking over. This Armadillo was on a barrier island, rooting, doing his thing without regard for his locale. He’d be doing the same thing anywhere.

Armadillos carry their own armor and appear cleaner than their greasy predecessors: meet the new possum, Opossum 2.0. the Arma-possum or the possumdillo. The old joke is an Armadillo is a “possum on the half shell”.

Was hard to resist touching this one, wanted to feel the armor and learn what he was all about. The ears are especially interesting, like little flowers.
Armadillos are practically blind, he walked right up to the toe of my boot, but when he realized I wasn’t a tree stump he hopped away in a bunny / antelope escape trot. This is the only photo that was not blurry, they never stop moving their heads, always rooting and sniffing.
Odd that he didn’t know my boot from a tree stump, didn’t he notice my all-day boot smell? Maybe I was camouflaged by a combo smells of low tide, salt water and salty perspiration, and horse biscuits.
Get used to them, Armadillos are making themselves right at home.