Got a parking ticket
& wanted to save my lunch money for my lunch,
you know?
Pocketed a trusty audio capture tool,
strutted into the Bureau of Parking and Robotic Bureaucrats,
and launched into a sales pitch.
As you can hear, the strategy could have used more planning, but who would expect the clerk-bot to flat-out say
“tell me your excuse”.
Defaulting to common human denominators,
we went for the pity (aka: sick love puppy) vote and it worked!

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Second effort available at:
bigbonton on evoca
… … … … … … … … … … …
Love, or the attempt at a reasonable facsimile thereof, conquers all,
even at a walk-up teller window with a Robotic Bureaucrat.
The sweetest words of the day: “Next in line”!
Moral of the story:
When someone tells you to “Stop saying that ‘get right with the law’ thing”, just do as instructed.
Being all “Please & Thank You” throws everyone off balance.
And if it’s Johnny Law you’re talking to, then it’s all “Yes Sir, No Sir, three bags full”.
You aren’t really over 21 if you don’t know:
1) It’s hard to look cool when your car stalls out.
2) No one looks tough in cuffs.
We were $12 up!
Spent it already . . . on lunch that same day.