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Take Amtrak in a big circle back to where you started.
This train was so long I had time to get bored, get the camera, change my mind because the train must be ending by now . . . . and then take a few photos of the first perpetual motion railway. I finally figured why this train refused to conclude. The key clue was there was no caboose; this railway train twisted and turned until it was wrapped around and around loops of track whereupon it then hooks back onto itself.

This photo has nothing to do with Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Lent, the Big Easy, New Orleans, or any Parrish in Louisiana. I just wanted to post it. For one reason: Kinda needed to get the fleshy female frontal photo off the front page of the blog (below) before I’m tempted to create a full frontal front page.
I’ve caught more flak from the photo than from having banner ads. I think people are OK with Google Ads since they aren’t typical banner ads. No flashing, no claims that you’ve won something if you –>click here<-- And No, you still don’t know who she is (below).
Stop it. Grow Up. [like she did] H00-OO-oo! Did she ever!