There’s no folded “reserved” card on the table,
but who would risk sitting down at this bench when someone – likely sticking out their elbows and not averse to confrontation – has made a territorial statement under the endorsement of the brand of the night?
This image was taken in July prior to a suds-soaked peel & eat shrimp feast.
Looking around that crowd it was clear how the eatery could make money on some of the dainty diners, but on others, there’s no way they’re making money, some people are really putting away the camaróns.
Oh, wait. The PBR sign reminds me how an all-you-can-eat shrimp place stays ahead – sell longnecks in iced buckets.
It’s all a gluttony fest. More is better, God Bless America.
If one is good, then two must be twice as good, and so twenty are twenty times better than one.
Defy the Economic Law of Diminishing Returns!
A big hat embiggens any wearer.
If you got the chutzpa to begin with . . .