The episode in which we see how lack of attention led to a horrible transformation…
and the panic of the emotionally frail Miss Lass.
This character came out of the bush and scared our field correspondent so badly that the lass fled into a safety container with a peephole, a wildlife-watching hut.
Miss Lass could hear BADbonton bark on the other side of the fiberglass, “Argh! You wanna see wildlife? Grr Grrrl! Come out, come out wherever you are. Oh, duh, you’re right inside there. Anyway, come out. I know you’re in there. I can hear you breathing.”
BADbonton mistook her high energy level from his unpolished apple applications for a prim excitement over his being all frisky in the field.
“Who said apples were good for you,” Miss Lass queried sillyly. “His purple eyes are bugging. Look at what one wedge of a Granny Smith apple did to his smile! The guys teeth – they are beyond carnivore – why he, he’s a OMNIVORE oh my!”
Apples are good for you but pity the guy getting an apple for dessert when he was eyeing her sweet apple cheeks. Thus the May Day Mangler mixed up Miss Lass, rather than polishing her person and mussing up her May day.
Fielding affection from another fine lass will fix him right up.
Any takers?
“Replacement Lass needed”
“Urgent field research with dynamo.”
Prudes or the verve-less need not apply.
Bring your own moxie.