Our Euro-trash buds have it right in their
rhyme from eastern Bohemia about summer carefree-ness,
“no need to reason in cucumber season”
Photo taken at sunrise.
The light was coming through the windshield.
In a moving vehicle? . . . How did this torso get here? . . .
What went on the night before? . . . Is this inside the Willie Nelson tour bus?
Was this sunrise a new day or the wrap-up of the night before?
Tell us!
“There’s nothing to see here. Move along.”
I ain’t telling. And yes, I DO know everything. Anyone needing to jog her memory can just rummage through the titillating tattletale trove that became the lost & found bin. No tittle-tattle there, 100% smoking gun.
I got yer stuff… if you have the nerve to pipe up and come claim it…