Go looking down this red mud dirt road and after a mile or so you’ll see a home that gets to feel special once a year at this time:
Another “got it all” shot brought to you by studiobonton.
In this holiday snapshot we feature 1) the dogwood in bloom, 2) the Easter egg colored house, 3) the field for an Easter egg hunt and frisbee, and 4) the quiet reflection that around here we’re all just passing through, minding our own business, and painting anything we want to in any danged color we want to, by gar!
In case we encountered occupants with doubts that we were actually minding our own business while photographing his or her house, we were armed with a ready-made US Government approved excuse – prepared, tested, and proven.
The answer to “what y’all doin’ out there with dat camera” is a fabrication that includes such jargon as
“Support our troops”, since that’s an excuse for all sorts of behavior nowadays.
We could also drop back onto a phrase such as “Happy Easter, Brother”, since that sounds so peaceful without all the hippie overtones that studiobonton is so careful to avoid, lest we become stereotyped as some sort of hipster other than a beatnik.
In the end there was no need to defend ourselves using a fabricated “truth”.
We came, we shot, we skedaddled
– & we posted, too, now didn’t we?
Dig it man, dig it like crazy in an Easter egg colored house, yo!