North Carolina BBQ is the next frontier for our excursion
And what a fitting place for it to begin.
This place has
– NASCAR memorabilia aplenty,
– Eastern NC style vinegar-based Q,
– pretty country-girl waitresses,

and getting there involves so many turns

on sporadically-marked country roads
I must advise you to have a full tank of gas and a bottle of water before you get underway.
No map can help you on these backroads,
enlist the services of a guide sympathetic to the mission.

No photo on this one,
it would have been like photographing something sacred or holy.

their card:
Eastern N.C. style
Cooked Fresh Daily
Rinehardt Rd.
Mooresville, NC
Fax 704-663-7407
VM 704-662-7455

It looks odd to me to see a fax # and VM # on a card,

but they didn’t ask my advice on their info-flow.