This autumn the indy gentry ruralites find apple peelers to be all the rage.
We’re not impressed. We’re so jaded genuine, nothing is new to us. We’re just eating fresh like Mamma showed us, before fresh eating got called localvore by the Johnny come lately foodies.
But one Monday morning a pairing knife cut us a double take to our core.
If you peel off this peeling and you find a new peeling.
What manner of double apple is this?
And so we posted the discovery. Now we await a communiqué from world food dominator Monsanto, expecting their claim to “neither affirm nor deny” having a hand in this bi-peel pomme, anticipating that they’ll attack this post as patent infringement or a wiki-leak of their master plan to dominate food to the core!
We’re not food scientists, we’re not even foodies. We’re just good eaters trying to make a morning smoothie. A Monday morning smoothie, with one Granny Smith and one – whatever this morphed or genetically modified or mutated apple is called. REDX2?
There is an apple inside this apple!
Is this a bonus or another sign of the apocalypse?