Whoa Nellie!
The Mental Monitor, the Life Exam Proctor, the Patriot Enforcement Squad all agree:
You! – Dial it back a notch and keep both feet on the ground.
Dance, dance, dance, but not too much – someone may see.
Worry: What might they think?
Actuality: There’s no such thing as “they”.
If one can free oneself of the worries of the they,
there is still wisdom in the warning on the sign.
The rush of the oh so groovy felt by one person isn’t a permit to inflict every notion onto everyone else.
It takes two to tango. Or to get along.
Buffer, edit, pause, just think about others
as you’d have them ponder unto you.
Acceptable: twirl, swagger, sashay, promenade, cavort, strut, prance & frolic. A daily rebirth & daily labor pains. Kick it.