Although we were hungry, very very hungry, we didn’t eat here so there is no food review.
The reason we didn’t eat here was that after parking in the hard packed gravel parking lot around back we observed the smoker guy stoking the fire with construction site scraps.
Yep, that is what he did.
He put a few 2 by 4s into the fire and felt like he was getting it right.
A truck with three big guys in coveralls pulled into the parking lot.
They were glad to get out of the pickup because they’d been sitting three across in the cab. You know, thigh to thigh. Never comfortable. Not physically uncomfortable, just too, shall we say intimate.
After a stretching ceremony to get the blood flowing and re-establish their personal space, they hung out on the patio and ordered tea but no food.
We followed their lead, the tea was OK but as usual when someone asked for unsweetened tea it caused quite a halt in the flow.
We punted, got sweet tea and sat in wait for the first customer to order some Q smoked by pre-treated lumber scraps. No one did.
Is this place involved in money laundering or something? OK, that doesn’t make sense but neither does using 2 by 4s as a wood source, does it?