We made it to “Long Bay” as I was informed.
Featuring an asymmetrical diurnal tide (twice a day but not at equal heights).
exclusive view from the bigbonton suite _6/21/06_
Tee Off!
/ Him to Her: “Honey, you’re just not as cute when you’re helpless, ditzy, and just plain duh-filled”.
/ lurking male tourist sees a bikini: “She single?”
– local: “uh, Nah, she’s normal”.
/ Hmm, Mommy must be a stripper, God Bless Her for spending time with the kid at the beach. – A favorite T-shirt of this season says “Support single Moms”, with a pole dancing silhouette
/ Award for Most Hurtin’ Ad, if you think about it:
Sunrise Liquors – “we deliver”
Stay tuned for the comprehensive list of Pancake Breakfast served-all-day restaurants.
And the live remote from Pedro’s Sombrero.