One to one correspondence
That’s a favorite term for me, learned it in first grade and it sounded so big and important that I tried it out that night at the dinner table – without ceasing, as first grade chirrens often do…
Everything at the table had newly discovered one to one correspondence.
Salt to pepper. Fork to spoon. Plate to bowl.
What about these two images?
There’s some correspondence going on here, but what?
Holes through partitions?
Failed attempts at barriers?
Perspective via a centered focal point in a photo?
Notice the padlock on the gate of the wooden building.
A padlock on that gate is mostly symbolic but it does communicate the intention to barricade the place better than a twisted wire or slip latch.
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Click away on me my dear, mi querido, mon cher, meu caro, mijn lieve, liebe, käre, kedvesem, mio caro, and all the other localizations of the term of endearment.
Mine heart is big with grand affections, without reservation. Well, maybe one reservation (if this is one): for me, the one to one correspondence applies to relationships. You do what is best for you, but I’ll go with:
GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out.
You get out of it what you put in to it.