Good wood – for a fire.
Since there’s no perspective on this photo I’ll spell it out:
this woodpile is about 12 feet high, the base of the tree was over 4 feet in diameter. These logs are too big for a person to handle, we had hydraulics doing the heavy lifting.
Too bad we had to cut it down but look at the internal rot in the trunk – would have come down during our next Hurricane, which may happen at any moment the way it’s going these days.
Hurricane Sigma – the summation of all storms (a calculus joke). I don’t hear anyone laughing but one nerd snorted milk out his nose. Sigma. Summation. Hardee-har nerd-o.

We need this wood for the upcoming holidays, hey it’s November already.
Prepare now for your oyster roast, pig picking, and New Years Eve bonfire! Ain’t a party ’till something gets burned!
Need any wood? Over here, come & get it but you must invite me to the burning!