I’ve become a wall flower at the dance of life.
No longer doing The Hustle in the marketplace.
Leaning on the wall and watching a vibrant world groove without me wouldn’t be so uncomfortable if it was a transitional part of growing up, knowing that it’ll be better once I find my own vibe and someone to vibrate with.
Eagerness and verve needs to be engaged with.
It gets stunted when lurking and watching.
Such a waste to be wishing I was not just at the dance but in the groove and busting a move with a partner with a similar beat and rhythm
“Fun is fun, but not alone.” (Sayeth Sinatra).
This flower is appreciated (solo) but it could be actualized by giving it away. Sharing it.
Give someone flowers! Such a lovely thing to do.
Like the blues lyric: “I got everything I need! Almost.”
Got the flower. Got the gifting grace. Desire a’plenty.
Just add a worthy partner to share the vibe and all would change in an instant.
Then I would again enjoy a little sabbatical from the stage and arena.