Author: bigbonton

Mr. Bones is Uncle Sam

Vote Early. If in Chicago, vote often. Q: What was the last Presidential election in which Jerry Garcia was the non-leader leader? A: Answer below You’re in good hands with Jerry. Some may write-in such long-shot fringe candidates as Mickey Mouse, Pat Paulson, even the South Carolina native son Steven Colbert, but for us, “In Dead We Trust”. Only Jerry Garcia has the vision to lead us through these days. Remember his foreign affairs trip to Egypt? Huge applause, shouts of acclaim. Proof that his constituency will literally follow him to the corners of the globe. Go with a...

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Drawing the line w/ frog’s tongue

Sliding down a frog’s tongue isn’t a to-do today. So much work to be done. Time to relocate to the back porch to concentrate until the autumn afternoon sun makes it hard to see the laptop screen. If you need me, I’ll be elbows deep: editing text, audio, video, CSS (ok, just a bit), prioritizing tasks for others, customizing a rental application, filtering tech and graphic art applicants, working on a working agreement, scoping out two scopes of work, following up on four planning sessions, redoing a logo, fixing multi-meals, juggling a weekend when I need to be in...

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Wall Street Sunflower

I’ve become a wall flower at the dance of life. No longer doing The Hustle in the marketplace. Leaning on the wall and watching a vibrant world groove without me wouldn’t be so uncomfortable if it was a transitional part of growing up, knowing that it’ll be better once I find my own vibe and someone to vibrate with. Eagerness and verve needs to be engaged with. It gets stunted when lurking and watching. Such a waste to be wishing I was not just at the dance but in the groove and busting a move with a partner with...

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