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Happy Valentines Day, Sweetheart!

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Don't you just love the names of things?
Like flower names. Pink Perfection.
Wow! I'm sold, sign me up. That's what I want,
Pink Perfection. Especially on 2-14.

One reader writes that today he was empty handed but his idea is to give his sweetie a nickname for Valentines.
Hmm. A nickname.
Everybody on the playground knows you cannot give yourself a nickname, but has anyone ever heard of a Valentines gift being Intellectual Property?
Free advice:
The anti-consumerism aspect of your Valentines idea is a plus, but dude - go pick some wild flowers on the way home. Even a backrub is free and it's a more tangible gift than a nickname.
You two can re-name each other while talking in the dark.

Keep those cards & letters coming!


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This is follow-up re: dude-giving-gal-a-nickname. As girl, I'd be pretty into that! No other gift necessary! I mean, I'll admit I'm pretty punkrock and anti-consumerism, so maybe I'm not representative of the population, but I'd be down. As for Intellectual Property, I'd be more turned on if my crush *Open Sourced* the name, for all people to share. You know, Creative Commons licensed that sh--!
Where I live, in Portland, we have this paper, the Portland Mercury, an alternative weekly. And every year you can send an "I Saw U" Valentine to whomever you want, and they print it! There are hundreds in there! Some are sweet, some are bawdy... but one thing I found out when reading this year's is that a *lot* of people have the affectionate nickname "Stinky." So you might wanna lay off that one. It's cute, but it's been done a lot.

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